About Us

We are committed to providing the best professional education to our students 

Our Mission

Our approach is to provide rigorous theoretical training while teaching our students extensive practical skills. We make every effort to prepare our students to face the challenges of today's rapidly evolving information technology marketplace. Our training manuals and exercise materials are very effective in enhancing students' knowledge and skills base. Students can take any of our courses separately or combine several of them to achieve higher levels of proficiency in information technology. Our instructors are not just experienced teachers, they are team leaders and senior technical developers who themselves mentor and coach new employees and consultants hired on their projects.

As project leaders, our instructors also interview prospective candidates for permanent and consulting positions. They know first hand what skills students need to start a career in the IT field, pass job interviews, and successfully perform on the first job assignment. Our instructors work very hard and with a lot of personal attention to transfer that knowledge to each student and to keep the student well informed in all the latest industry developments.